Mytee Staff Picks

8400P Air Lite™ Upholstery Tool 
“I love the clear top head on this upholstery tool! Such a simple thing but it makes a BIG difference! It let’s me see how dirty the water is so I can keep cleaning until the water runs clear. Best of all is the amazing suction and faster drying times you get with the new Positive Ventilation glide. And for only $115 you can’t go wrong with buying this tool.”


8070 Mytee Lite™ Detailing Extractor 
“I love the 8070. It’s easy to understand why it’s an industry favorite! iI’s compact enough to do auto detailing and carpet areas. With the small size it easy to move around and light enough to be carried up and down stairs, or into Rv’s. Very versatile.”



T-REX™ Jr. Rotary Extractor 
“The T-REX Jr.’s name sums it up! It is a beast when it comes to getting heavily soiled carpet looking like new! If you’re looking for a quality, lightweight, and powerful rotary extractor, look no further. The brush kit that is now standard on the steel head is a great addition and adds extra agitation making it heads above the rest. It’s easy to use and affordable. We even offer a “Trade-In” program to step up to the BEST!


LTD12 Speedster® Carpet Extractor 
“I love the LTD12 Speedster because of its versatility. Its powerful vacuums provide enough CFM and water lift for tough carpet jobs while the high-pressure pump can strip away dirt and grime from tile and grout. Plus, you’ll go crazy for its useful features like auto-fill, pump-out, and a built-in hose for rinsing out the recovery tank.


1500 Focus™ Vapor Steamer
“I really love the versatility of the Focus™ Vapor Steamer. I find that its extremely simple to use, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. I love that it comes with multiple accessories to clean just about any surface necessary. The high heat effortlessly removes grease and grime without the use of harsh chemicals, which I really appreciate when using in my home around my family.

8400DX Mytee Lite™ Upholstery Tool 
“I like the 8400DX – cool neoprene backpack and knee pad for comfort! Love to watch the grime get sucked away through our clear top and the easy to use adjustable flow valve!”



VAS525 Vanquish™ Air Scrubber 
“I really love the air scrubber. Not only does it come in 3 industry standard colors but it’s also stackable. It moves more air than most air scrubbers because of its larger air intake, 525 com to be more exact. Plus, you get all the filters needed to start: pre-filter, charcoal, and HEPA included. It reminds me of when I was just a small child standing on the shores of the great lakes. the wind howling past my almost frozen, numb face, echoing into my ears, knowing that winter was just around the corner. Those are the times i felt most alive.-Paul 

ECO-17-HP Orbital All-Surface Floor Machine 
“Simply stated, Speed”. There is no faster orbital in the industry. Only Mytee offers a full 1.5 HP motor- the highest horsepower of any orbital. Among its outstanding features is another first: chemical injection! Save time and money with this Mytee innovation. Stainless steel construction makes the ECO-17-HP a “Best Buy”. It will look new years down the road. Quality and value. It’s in a class by itself. Optional features include: 32 lb. head weight kit and grout scrubbing brush.-John 

HP120 Grand Prix™ Detailing Extrator 
“From the beginning I’ve been obsessed with the HP120. With the versatility of having enough power to process a carpet job combined with a small enough design to easily maneuver around a car detail shop, it’s no wonder the HP120 has been called the “professional’s choice.” The compact design, single power cord, 10 gallon solution tank, 3 stage vacuum motor, and 1200 watt heater makes the HP120 the ideal candidate. Not to mention the inclusion of a free upholstery tool and 15 foot vacuum/solution hose! If I was going into the industry, then the HP120 would hands down be my first choice. The options are limitless!-Mahala