ECO17-PRO All Surface Orbital Floor Machine


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“The originators of on-site carpet cleaning.®

Run Silent, Clean Deep

Mytee’s Orbital All Surface Floor Machines are not just your average orbital floor machines. They’re the only ones in the Industry with a 1.5 horsepower motor, powerful enough to overcome surface tension. That means the job gets done faster so you get paid faster.

The ECO17-PRO is perfect for:

  • Carpet encapsulation cleaning
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Sanding, scrubbing, and polishing concrete, stone, and vinyl flooring.

The ECO17-PRO Orbital Floor Machine Features:

  • 1.5 horsepower motor which overcomes surface tension, allowing for a quicker, more thorough clean.
  • 17 inch cleaning path
  • Built-in 4 gallon shampoo tank
  • 60 PSI solution pump
  • Dual front-mounted spray jets – low drift
  • Smooth operating, low vibration design
  • 10 inch non-marking foam-filled wheels for increased maneuverability over stairs, curbs, etc.


  • 17 inch pad driver
  • Two 19 inch microfiber pads
  • 50 foot twist-lock power cord

Click HERE for more information on encapsulation carpet cleaning.

**230V 50/60Hz also available. Please inquire for pricing.**

Cleaning Path

17" (43.2 cm)

Solution Tank

• 4 gallon (15.1 L) capacity
• Faucet fill or bucket fill


• 1.5 horsepower
• Capacitor start / capacitor run


Diaphragm Demand Pump
• 60 PSI
• 1.0 GPM

Spray Jets

Two 9502 V-Jets, front-facing


10" (25.4 cm) foam-filled wheels


Stainless steel

Deck Plate

Stainless steel

Power Cord

50' (15.2 m) twist-lock 12/3

Net Weight

120 lbs. (54.4 kg)

Machine Dimensions

28" x 17.5" x 48.5" (71.1 cm x 44.5 cm x 123.2 cm)

Shipping Weight

150 lbs. (68 kg) (does not include pallet weight)

Shipping Dimensions

29.5" x 19" x 50.5" (74.9 cm x 48.3 cm x 128.3 cm)

Mytee How-To: Operating the ECO PRO Orbital Machines

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