How Important Is System Maintainer?

Header image with the text "how important is system maintainer?" Over a picture of a bottle of system maintainer

Are you using System Maintainer regularly? No seriously–are you? Mytee recommends using our maintainer every 3 months (for machines that get daily use) to remove the hard scale (calcium) build-up from the heater, and any other chemical deposits in your machine’s plumbing. Still, you might be wondering how important is system maintainer exactly, so we went ahead and got the facts for you.

Did you know that for every 5mm of hard scale buildup, a water heater needs 40 percent more energy to heat the same water? That means power wasted as the elements work harder for less hot water, taking longer to reach your max temp and less time for it to drop back down!

A loss of heat isn’t the only ill effect either; hard water scale can also harbor bacteria! If it gets thick enough, the scale can even shield bacteria from disinfectants, allowing it to grow unchecked. Neglecting proper maintenance of your machine can lead to more serious issues than just loss in performance.

System Maintainer does more than just remove the hard water scale too! Our formula also helps remove chemical buildup in your pump and other fittings. Over time this buildup can start to inhibit flow, reducing your flushing and rinsing capabilities. System maintainer will help remove chemical residue from your pump to ensure you get the longest life possible from your equipment!

So, to cut to it here, YES SYSTEM MAINTAINER IS IMPORTANT! Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your equipment and helps keep your unit performing at its peak. Keep a case on hand to protect your investments and they’ll return the favor many times over! Click here to stock up today!

Already have some? Watch our How-To Video on using system maintainer properly! We go step by step through the whole process so you know you’re doing it right!