T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction

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  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction
  • 960 pass
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The T-REX™ is the Ultimate in Total Rotary Extraction.

Say goodbye to traditional wand carpet cleaning. With Mytee’s high performance rotary extraction tools, carpet cleaning has never been easier. The rotary action of the cleaning head does all the work, meaning less user fatigue and more consistent results in a fraction of the time that it takes to use a wand.

The powerful 1 HP motor on the T-REX™ allows you to clean faster and deeperIt also works to easily lift embedded soil and restore the carpet surface. 

Impress customers and build loyalty with superior cleaning results. Add the Mytee® T-REX™ to your cleaning arsenal today.

The T-REX™ features:

  • 15″ Cleaning path
  • Adjustable 60 – 160 RPM for versatility on different surface types
  • 6 vacuum slots for quick drying times
  • High solution flow; 6 jets.
  • Includes FREE set of pre-installed carpet brushes (valued at $199.00)
  • Powerful 1 HP electric motor
  • Ambidextrous safety switch – prevents damage to near by objects
  • Elevated, easy handle adjustment
  • Clear swivel tube
  • 2″ Cuff-Lynx™ hose connection with retainer keeps vacuum hose from getting in the way
  • Pigtail with detachable 25′ lighted power cord
  • Swivel QD
  • Front handle for easy pick up
  • 6″ wheels


  • Wrench for easy hub removal
  • Head Protecting Cover
  • Stainless steel cleaning head
  • 4 oz bottle of Teflon Lubricant (Part #PH648)

Benefits of Total Rotary Extraction:

  • Clean more surface area in less time, which means more jobs and more money
  • Deep clean heavily soiled carpets in less time
  • Less user fatigue for consistent cleaning results
  • Lift embedded soil
  • Restore carpet surface
  • Faster drying times
  • Impress customers with superior cleaning results and gain repeat customers

960 pass



Clean faster.

With over 960 cleaning passes per minute, the T-REX™ machine cleans faster and better.




Unique technology.

The T-REX™ is designed to lift embedded soil and restore carpet surface. Its unique technology cleans carpet fibers from the bottom up.


Adjustable speed.

With adjustable 60 – 160 RPM, the T-REX™ is perfect for any cleaning job from commercial glue-down (CGD), which may require a slower speed setting, to plush residential carpet, which may require a faster speed setting for best results.

6 n 6



High performance cleaning.

The T-REX™ has 6 solution spray jets and 6 vacuum nozzles, more than any other rotary machine on the market. So you get more agitation, faster drying time, and better results.

customer loyalty


Impress customers.

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of a job well done. Especially when it earns you the loyalty and appreciation of a customer.




A complete system for multiple surface types.

Expand your cleaning services and make more money. Use the T-REX™ for:

Residential carpet (use standard head, included)
Commercial glue-down carpet (use standard head or part #A106, not included)
Encapsulation cleaning (use part #A103, not included)
Extra dirty and trashed carpets (use standard head part #A102, included)
Flood extraction (use the included standard head on a low setting to extract water form carpet)

A102 T-REX Cleaning Head


Stainless Steel Cleaning Head (Included)


Encapsulation/Bonnet Cleaning Head

A106A Flexstar™ Cleaning Head for T-Rex Jr.™


Flexstar™ Cleaning Head

A106A Flexstar™ Cleaning Head for T-Rex Jr.™


Carpet Cleaning Brush Add-Ons


Cleaning Path15"
Jets6 x .02
Speed60 - 160 RPM
Voltage115 / 240
Lighted Power Cord25' detachable
Amp DrawLow Speed: 7, High Speed: 8
Product Weight106 lbs.
Shipping Weight126 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions53 1/4” x 21” x 23 1/4”