What Makes LX Vacuums So Good?

Header image with text "What Makes LX Motors SO GOOD?" showing an LX vacuum on the top of a winners podium

What Are LX Vacuums?LX vacuum, side view

By now, chances are you’ve at least heard about Mytee’s exclusive LX vacuum motors. Cleaners swear up and down they are stronger, but what makes these motors so good? Mytee worked closely with the industry’s top vacuum manufacturer Ametek Lamb to design the best vacuum system of any portable ever built, and the results have revolutionized portable cleaning for good! Individually, these vacuum motors are comparable to other high-performance vacuums. But these vacuums have a secret inside–a uniquely wound motor within a single-stage body capable of incredible airflow. Other high-performance motors have multiple stages that sacrifice airflow for lift. However, these highly effective LX motors achieve unbelievable power, excelling in BOTH lift and CFM. When combined these incredible motors produce something greater than their sum, without choking airflow like other vacuums in series can.

Just How Good Are They?LX Vacuum, bottom view

The magic of LX vacuums is most apparent when you begin to put them together in series. 2 LX vacuums in series produce 250CFM and 180” of water lift (13.3” of mercury), dwarfing even the next closest competitor! (Click here to read about CFM, Lift, Airwatts, and what it all means). Putting 3 LX vacuums in series, like on our new Escape PLUS ETM, produces a staggering 350CFM and 236” of water lift (17.5” of mercury)!! These numbers place the Escape PLUS in the same ballpark as a mid-level gas truck mount–with a price tag a fraction of its peers– leaving all other electric options in the dust!

What Does That Mean For Carpet Cleaning?

This technology represents one of the most significant advances in portable extractors in decades, and changes the entire concept of how a portable is used. With an effective hose run of up to 150’ for our dual LX extractors, gone are the days of dragging your machine behind you room to room, ushering in the era of leaving your portable in the van, or at the front door (which has been dubbed the “porchmount”). Our electric truck mount with 3 LXs has an effective range of 250 feet, giving you all the power needed for large jobs, without the need for an oil change. So, what all of the above really boils down to is this: better vacuum motors move more air, which removes more moisture, and with it–more dirt from the carpet! So try an LX machine for cleaner, drier results!