C347 Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motor, 120V


LX™ Vacuum Motors are currently for replacement only. NOT FOR RETROFITTING.  Please fill out the form here to request a replacement. Must provide a valid serial number for extractor requiring motor replacement.

More water lift at the carpet. Mytee’s new LX™ Vacuum Motor outperforms where it matters most.

Water lift is measured with a gauge with the airline sealed. But sealed air doesn’t clean- most vacuums are designed to work at a 3/4” to 7/8” orifice. That is approximately the opening of a wand slot. We want to measure the water lift at the carpet, not at the machine. To accomplish this, Mytee put a vacuum gauge on the wand head to measure the water lift at the carpet. Mytee’s revolutionary new LX™ Vacuum Motor has an increase of almost 30% at an unbelievable lift at the carpet of 113”. While base specifications may seem lower, the in-use specifications are in reality much higher than those of comparable motors. This high efficiency is due to the unique winding of the motor and special fan configuration.

Specifications on single vacuum motor:

  • 173 CFM at 2″ orifice
  • 15 amp draw
  • 6.6 diameter

Specifications for two motors in air series:

  • 225-250 CFM 
  • 15 amp draw per cord

Sales are final on all electrical components, including but not limited to, vacuum motors, pumps, and heaters.