A145 Loading Buddy Wheel Attachment for Extractors


A Friend You Can Lean On!

The A145 Loading Buddy is a brilliant example of Mytee’s problem solving ingenuity. Built for our Speedsters®, LTD Speedsters®, Contractor’s Special, and Breeze™ Extractors, the Loading Buddy eliminates the need for ramps or a partner to load and unload our larger extractors. Increase team efficiency by turning a two man job into a solo effort, no ramps required!

Kit includes Loading Buddy Wheel Attachment and mounting hardware.

Mounts To:

– 1000DX-200
– 1001DX-200
– 1003DX
– 1005LX
– LTD3
– LTD12
– HP120
– 2002CS

Kit Includes:

– Loading Buddy Wheel Attachment
– Mounting hardware

Shipping Weight

3 lbs.