8314SW Bentley™ Pro Speed Wand


Time is Money…

So we built a wand that will save you both! The Bentley Pro Speed Wand’s ergonomic rolling design helps to easily speed through big jobs with minimal fatigue, while its two-way cleaning head makes the absolute most of every stroke!

The Speed Wand’s cleaning head is the only one on the market cast from stainless steel, making it the strongest in the industry! The Bentley Pro also features a unique chamber design formed by the dual glides tightly enclosing the 4 spray jets, to ensure no heat or pressure is wasted. This design forces the solution through the carpet fibers before it can be extracted, for a truly deep cleaning that reaches beyond the surface level. The stainless steel dual glides also help to leave carpets drier faster, taking advantage of Positive Ventilation to move more air than any comparable wand available.

Add to all of this an adjustable flow valve, built-in sight window and a vacuum release cuff and you can see why the Bentley Pro Speed Wand leaves the rest in the dust!

New Patent Pending Lo-Pro Spray Jet combines the downward spray angle of a flood jet with the force of a V-jet, breaking the surface tension of the carpet and cleaning deeper.


  • New Patent Pending Lo-Pro spray jets – breaks through carpet surface tension.
  • Positive Ventilated dual glides provide maximum recovery.
  • Polished stainless steel head with sight window allows you to see dirt and grime as it’s being extracted.
  • 14″ cleaning path
  • 2″ vacuum tube
  • Adjustable flow control valve
  • Clear sight window
  • Four 3″ wheels

Cleaning Path



Stainless steel

Tube Diameter



4x Mytee flood jet/v-jet hybrid. Patent Pending

Max. PSI


Net Weight

26 lbs.

Product Dimensions

17" x 14" x 51"

Shipping Weight

36 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions

20" x 13.75" x 59"

Out of the Box: Bentley™ Pro Speed Wand

Mytee How-To: Using the P633 PTFE Hard Surface Glide

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