T-80R The Tank™ (Recovery)


Lightweight, strong, and durable.

This Mytee® truckmount tank is the first of its kind in the industry. It’s design allows for a tank that is substantially lighter than metal containers, but is still strong enough to hold up to daily use.


The Tank’s™ revolutionary baffle design reduces water movement in the tank during transport. It also allows for maximum airflow, with multiple possible entry points for the vacuum source. The three removable lids make clean-up easy.

Efficiency & Versatility

The Tank™ can be setup for either vacuum recovery (T-80R) or as a freshwater solution tank (T-80S). It’s slim design makes it easy to place in many different positions in a van or truck.

BodyRoto-molded polyethylene
Tank80 gallons
Vacuum Inlet2"
Product Dimensions58" x 16" x 46"
Shipping Weight110 lbs
Shipping Dimensions48" x 42" x 51"