H132V 2.5″ to 2.5″ Vinyl Cuff-Lynx™ Male Starter


Outperform with Mytee’s Vinyl Cuff-Lynx™

Vinyl Cuff-Lynx™ don’t crack under pressure. Made out of high-quality vinyl, these flexible hose cuffs will outlast standard hard plastic hose cuffs.

2.5″ Male Pipe Thread to 2.5″ Male Cuff-Lynx™


  • Durable vinyl material resists breaks and splits
  • Ultra low-profile design saves storage space on hose reels
  • Reduces suction loss
  • Fits standard hoses
  • Connects to any 2.5″ female Vinyl Cuff-Lynx™

Instructions for Use:

To prevent hoses from unscrewing from Cuff-Lynx™, it is advised to add a small amount GOOP® All Purpose Adhesive and Sealant to the vacuum hose threads. Available at most hardware stores. Not sold by Mytee®.

    Vinyl Cuff-Lynx™ Overview