Escape® Electric Truckmount ETM-LX


Go where others can’t with the Escape® ETM-LX Electric Truck Mount.

Features dual exclusive Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motors that deliver 20-30% more power than comparable motors.

From carpets and upholstery, to hard surface cleaning and flood extraction, the Escape® ETM gives you the power of a truck mount, with the mobility of a portable extractor so you can go anywhere, including high-rise buildings.

The Escape® ETM has been engineered to be powered three different ways:

  1. Run the ETM off of two 115V 20 amp outlets.
  2. Use the included adaptors to run the ETM off of one 230V, 30 amp 3-prong or 4-prong dryer outlet.
  3. The final option for powering the ETM is to use a generator. The ETM requires almost 5,000 watts of power to run, so make sure your generator is rated accordingly to run the ETM.


  • 12 gallon (approx.) solution and recovery tanks with 35 GPM stainless steel pump-out
  • Dual exclusive Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motors with 1500 hour rated brushes and anti-moisture air seals – 225-250 CFM, 182″ water lift
  • 500 PSI max. adjustable pump
  • Pressure gauge displays pump PSI
  • Auto fill feature
  • Chemical metering
  • Lighted and audible circuit locator makes it easy to find two separate circuits, avoid tripping breakers (feature only available on ETM-LX 115V model, not ETM-LX 230V model)
  • Wash out hose and prime valve
  • Mobile cart design to go anywhere

Included at no additional cost:

  • F200 Lint Hog™ In-line Filter – (Retail Value $119)
  • 3-Prong Electrical Dryer Adapter Converter, Part #5003 – (Retail Value $79)
  • 4-Prong Electrical Dryer Adapter Converter, Part #5004 – (Retail Value $79)
  • Mobile cart with front 4″ locking casters and rear 10″ foam-filled wheels
  • Dual 50′ 12/3 power cords – (Retail Value $178)
  • 25’ pump-out hose with cam lock connection – (Retail Value $79.99)
  • 2″ x 2.5″ Cuff-Lynx™ reducer
  • 2.5″ x 2.5″ Swivel Cuff-Lynx™

**230V 50/60Hz also available. Please inquire for pricing.**

Important: Acidic (e.g. acid rinse) and high alkaline (e.g. sodium hydroxide) solutions will damage pump and void warranty.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and chromium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Solution Tank

12 gallons

Recovery Tank

12 gallons (approx.)

Vacuum Motor

Dual exclusive Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motors

Truck Mount CFM


Water Lift



500 PSI Piston CAT Pump

Pump GPM


Pump-Out GPM

35 stainless steel

Power cords

Dual 50' 12/3 twist lock

Amp Draw (110-120V 60Hz)

Cord One: 19 amps
Cord Two: 18 amps

Amp Draw (220-240V 50Hz)

Cord One: 9.5 amps
Cord Two: 9 amps

Shipping Weight

260 lbs. (does not include pallet weight)

Product Dimensions

With Cart: 43" x 21.5" x 44.5"
Without Cart: 32.25" x 21.5" x 36"

Shipping Dimensions

43.75" x 22.5" x 45.5"

Out of the Box: ETM-LX Escape® Electric Truckmount

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