Escape® Plus Electric Truckmount ETM-LX-PLUS


The Next Big Thing in Truckmounts 

Introducing the Escape® Plus, the first electric truckmount to truly rival gas power! Featuring four LX™ vacuums, the Escape® Plus’ specs are undeniable: 400+ CFM and 14 in. Hg – and at a fraction of the cost of gas-powered truckmounts!

You can now enjoy the advantages of electric–such as reduced costs, minimal maintenance, and low environmental impact–without sacrificing raw power. The Escape® Plus also comes standard with chemical metering, a 600 PSI solution pump and a 35 GPM pump-out to make for one seriously incredible machine!


  • Four exclusive Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motors – outputting 400+ CFM and 14 in. Hg
  • Autofill and automatic pump-out
  • 12 gallon solution and recovery tanks, plus an included transfer pump to expand capacity to additional holding tanks
  • The industry’s only truckmount to come standard with a transfer pump
  • 35 GPM stainless steel pump-out – making this ETM a powerhouse for flood restoration
  • 600 PSI adjustable solution pump
  • Chemical metering
  • Weighs only 180 lbs!

Solution Tank

12 gallons

Recovery Tank

12 gallons (approx.)


Four exclusive Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motors
400+ CFM, 14 in. Hg (approx.)

Solution Pump

600 PSI


35 GPM

Transfer Pump

60 PSI, 3.3 GPM, 115V

Amp Draw

Cord One: 20 amps
Cord Two: 20 amps
Cord Three: 15 amps
Cord Four: 15 amps

Generator Requirements

Minimum Running Wattage: 7,500W
Recommended Running Wattage: 12,000W

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