8309 9″ Bentley™ Stair Tool


Step it up with Mytee’s Bentley™ Stair Tool.

For cleaning stairs, Mytee’s 8309 patent pending Bentley™ Stair Tool Carpet Wand is a must-have with unmatched quality and performance. The 8309 Stair Tool allows you to easily clean stairs without breaking your back. Everything about our user friendly stair tool is designed to reduce operator strain and fatigue.


  • Feathertouch™ Spray Valve
  • 9″ cleaning path
  • Clear top head allows user to see dirt and grime as it is being extracted
  • 1.5″ S-bend stainless steel tube with swivel cleaning head for maximum maneuverability
  • Ultra Performance dual glides eliminate overspray – Patent Pending
  • Three spray jets for total coverage

Includes adapter for 2″ hoses!



Cleaning Path


Cleaning Head

Swivel, clear top


3x .01


Ultra Performance Dual Glides (Patent Pending)


1.5" S-Bend

Shipping Weight

10 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions

14.25" x 7.5” x 49"

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