HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor



The HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor puts the “Mobile” in Mobile Detailing.

Good things come in small packages. An example is the HP60 Spyder™ automotive detail extractor. Basically, a smaller version of Mytee’s® HP100 Grand Prix™. While the Grand Prix™ features two 10-gallon capacity tanks, the Spyder™ contains two 5-gallon tanks. But do not be fooled by its size. Built smaller for your convenience, the HP60 Spyder™ has the same amount of cleaning power and detailing ability as its large sibling.

The design of both units transformed the auto detailing industry and has been copied by companies throughout the world. When our automotive extractors debuted in 1997, Mytee® offered the first heated extractor with a single power cord. Previously, extractors that used a pump, vacuum and heater required two power cords, making it hard to find a power source. But Mytee’s® trailblazing design changed all that, and the rest is history.

Other trendsetting features include:

  • Performance – Using our exclusive REAL HEAT™ system, the 1,200-watt in-line heater with maximum 210˚ temperature produces hot water that quickly breaks up grease and dirt. The single 3-stage LA (low amp) motor makes the extractor even more effective.
  • Has 130″ of water lift, 100 CFM.
  • Comes with a 1.25” hose. Its size make it easy to maneuver in tight spots.
  • The upholstery tool – has a low profile, perfect for detailing.
  • Contains a high drain valve. Perfect for emptying into a standard bucket.
  • A compact design – Fits perfectly into a van, truck or storage area.
  • Durability – With a tough, roto-molded polyethylene material that resists rusting and denting.

Order the HP60 Spyder™ today, and see for yourself why this classic design sets the standard for all auto detailing extractors.

Water Proof Switches
Waterproof switches add protection against dust and water intrusion.

Locking Casters
Locking casters provide stabilization and prevents any unwanted movement.

Lighted Power Cords
Lighted power cords indicator plug glows when the cord has power.

Cuff-Lynx™ Ready
Cuff-Lynx™ provide an easy connection for vacuum hoses.


BodyRoto-molded polyethylene
Tank5 gallon
VacuumSingle 3 stage LA
Heater1200 W - 210 degree maximum
Locking Casters3"
Power CordSingle 25' 12/3
Amp DrawCord One: 20
Tools3" stainless steel upholstery tool
Hose Package15' vacuum and solution hose combo
Product Weight69 lbs
Shipping Weight89 lbs
Product Dimensions28" x 15" x 35 3/4"
Shipping Dimensions28 1/2" x 17 1/4" x 35 3/4"
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  • HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor
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  • HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor
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  • HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor
  • HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor
  • HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Detail Extractor
  • HP60 Spyder
  • HP60 Spyder
  • HP60 Spyder
  • HP60 Spyder