Meet the Mytee Team

Paul LaBarbera, Vice President

Hi, I’m Paul (you probably already knew that. I’m pretty famous on my block for my award winning acting in Mytee’s Out-of-the-Box Videos).  

I started building carpet cleaning machines when I was a kid and have been in the industry ever since. When I’m not playing video games in my cell, I like to take my RC truck to the yard for some racing.

I’ve been sentenced to life at Mytee without parole. Come by and see me during visiting hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30a – 4:00p. Don’t forget the coffee.


Anne2Anne Fely, Sales Representative 

Hi, I’m Anne. 

I started in the Carpet/Auto/Jan San industries just a couple of years ago and I have enjoyed the ride. I am an Aries, I enjoy walks on the beach, candle light dinners and sports of any kind… oh wait – wrong website. 

I served my first sentence as a young lass and was released in 2014. It was short lived as I have recently returned to serve a second sentence for smuggling “Cuties” across the border. I was happy to find familiar cell mates are still serving when I returned. We actually make a great team in the yard. 

If you want to chat send me an email – sometimes you need a friend on the outside (if you know what I mean).



Andy Lam, Document Control 

Hi, I’m Andy and you can say I’m the Jack-of-All-Trades around here, the “Red” of Shawshank. I got sentenced for trying to smuggle bamboo into the states to my fellow pandas but got caught in a sting. I guess I wasn’t ninja enough, dang stomach and always being hungry. Originally I was housed at the maximum security San Diego Zoo but after being on good behavior I got transferred here. Been here for 4 years now and it’s a way better life then at MAX. I spend my days fixing computers, documenting machines and making sure the explodes views are correct, to making sure everyone has the right information around here, and of course eating. Stop by and visit… Oh, and when you see the sign “Don’t Feed the Pandas” don’t listen to it…Bring me some food.

Miriam_webMiriam Carmona, Marketing Manager 

Hey- I’m Miriam, I’ve been assigned to Mytee’s second floor isolation housing for almost two years now. Not very often, I am rewarded for good behavior and allowed down on the main floor to interact with my fellow inmates– but only after I’ve had my morning coffee, otherwise steer clear.

I like to stay busy. To pass the time I design emails to send to my friends on the outside, work on Mytee’s website, post on social media, coordinate events and trade shows, and appear in photoshoots and videos. Oh, and I eat. I’m a sucker for warm, fluffy pastries. 

If you have any marketing questions, feel free to bust me out of this isolation cell. Don’t forget the croissant. 

Kenny Lafoon, Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Kenny. I grew up on a desert planet with my aunt and uncle who were unfortunately killed by Imp– oh wait, that was Luke Skywalker…


It all started after my parents were killed outside of a theater in Goth– no, that was Batman…

Ermmm hi I’m Kenny…


VinnieVinnie Labarbera, Engineering Manager

Hi I’m Vincent, or as my cousins like to call me, Vinnie. I have been stuck, or should i said, content in my cell for over 20 years now. I keep my mind and thoughts busy with new ideas and mathematic challenges so that whenever I am freed I can conquer the world. 

What I enjoy most is our lunch time where I count the square footage of this prison while eating my subway sandwich. Sometimes, I sit with the others and listen to them or I just nod as my mind wanders. 

I could be social at times, I guess. So if you feel like running a issue by me, I will be sure to try to help you, or at least add up the numbers for you. 


Juan_Juan Lopez, Shipping Manager 

Hi, I’m Juan…